Ghalayini Bros. united their forces to conceive a label that will lead in the fashion apparels industry. They created a couture line called Mambo Couture®, in order to attend to the Lebanese needs for high fashion trends and quality.

Even though Mambo Couture® was created to cover the Lebanese demand for classy style, its success lead to its expansion towards other countries in the Arab world.

In 2015, they launched their first Mambo Couture® store in Osmanbey, Istanbul, Turkey.

From the start, Ghalayini Bros. have striven for the best in the fashion trade. They were and remain committed to the creation of what you demand: Quality, Creativity, and Elegance.

Every piece of garment at Mambo Couture® is made with delicacy and care, with a special touch both in design and creation.

You deserve prominence, You deserve MAMBO®.